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Building permission state design of conceptual, technical and working projects

Initial Steps
Obtain information and initial design documentation
This documentation is needed for the designer to get familiar with the challenges of your investment intentions. With our team we always do a "planned assignment" that contains everything you want to have in your building. The other important documents that are needed and for which we can assist are:


  • diagram of the real estate, issued by the Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre
  • combined diagram of your property (prepared by a surveying engineer);
  • design visa or effective Detailed Development Plan
  • preliminary contracts with the operating companies - electricity, plumbing, district heating, gasification, etc .;
  • geodetic survey of the plot (prepared by a surveying engineer).


Conceptual design
In the conceptual phase of each project we try to achieve maximum satisfaction of the investor's wishes, including all the ideas within legal standards. Also, in this phase, the project is focused on the inclusion of the respective building in the urban planning parameters defined for it, such as capacity, functionality and profitability. In case of customer's request, we can prepare 3D visualization of the building so that our customers can better imagine its whole vision.

Technical Project
Once we have clarified the idea, our team proceeds with the design of the technical project part. During this phase, we detail the conception so that it meets all the requirements according to the legal standards for the content of investment projects. Working engineering team includes the following engineers: Construction; Electrical; Plumbing; Heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Geodesy; Geology; Fire safety; Construction garbage management plan; Health and safety plan; etc.
With the whole set of documents, you receive our final product for print and signature, then it is provided by EKABO to the relevant municipality. Approval times vary so the commitment to deadlines is unrealistic. Once the project is approved, you receive your building permission.
In case requested by our customers, we can make detailed working drawings for specific places - roof, railings, stairs, etc. The technical design is prepared for average period of 30 days, and the term depends on the size and the complexity of the building.


EKABO Team consists of senior architects and engineers with full design qualifications, issued by Association of Architects in Bulgaria and Association of Engineers in Investment Design, with many years of experience in the field of investment design. We will create all the necessary architectural and engineering design parts for your building, with strong proffesionalism and in term. We will also advise you and assist you in obtaining all other necessary documents until you obtain a building permission.

Pre-Project research and consultation for plots

The research of different types of plots with their parameters and technical characteristics is a must in the process of investment design. The EKABO team has so far researched over a hundred plots in Bulgaria, most of which are in Sofia. If you are an investor and receive an offer for different plots, such as price or compensation from owners from different brokers, then you need to get acquainted with the possibilities of the property. We can make a pre-research for you, in which you will understand the possible construction, the possible maximum total built-up area of ​​the building, the possible options and number of apartments or other separate spaces. We can provide you with information about the location and transport around the property and many other. We can also provide all pros and cons of the property that you want us to research.

Ideological area researches

In case you already have chosen or bought a property that you like, we can do for you a conceptual spatial research of the future building.

Conceptual spatial research is a consolidated conceptual design, which gives you an accurate idea of ​​​​the area and percentage of common parts in your building, the number of objects in the building, namely: apartments, studios, offices, garages, parking lots, basements, common areas. This research includes the distribution of the individual area levels, furniture, dimensions of each room. We also make a 3D explanatory model for our customers.

Plots Regulations

It is often necessary, in many cases, to adjust or add something related to your plot. These can be procedures for expropriation or donation of an area for a street or sidewalk, mistaken property boundaries or any misleading data between cadastre and geodetic survey or area under a notary schema. Either division of a property or merging of two or more such, transformation of a Land Property into a Regulated Land Property. For all of these, you can count on us.



Expert Standpoints

Sometimes you need to get an expert opinion from an engineer or an architect. All our designers have Full Design Qualification and insurance, along with the solid know-how, experience and professionalism.





Changing the purpose and functionality of building parts - flats, offices, etc.

For example, if you have a property with purpose "studio" that you want to turn into documented "apartment" property, or if you want to divide an apartment into two apartments or vice versa - you want to combine two apartments into one, or if you want to divide into smaller objects a large open office space - you can count us. We will offer you the most cost-effective option, taking into account your wishes and ideas.




Author's supervision and investor control

During the construction, you can count on us for author's supervision for Architecture, Construction, Plumbing, Fire Safety, Parking, Geodesy, Geology, etc.

EKABO team will advise you on the most cost-effective, economical and professional solution for every detail in the building. Investor control is extremely important for each building, it monitors all contractors and subcontractors in the building, their quality of performance, materials used, time and the terms of the build process.

Investor control also monitors payments, invoices, all current documentation related to the project and operating companies, and almost everything related to the management of the building. If you need investor control, you can count on us.

Interior projects

The interior design is often underestimated in the construction process of almost any building. It is the "final touch", expressing the attitude to detail of each investor. If you want to emphasize exactly that, you can also count on us.

The EKABO team has experienced interior designers and visualizers who work with the top design programs. They can guide you in the majority of the small details for the functionality of each space, colors, materials and balance. They can create the "soul" of the interior. With us you will receive a consultation with a designer and architect, architectural sketches in centimeters and millimeters of your space, functional layouts, 3D visualizations, working building schemas, design of furniture and flooring, price offer for interior implementation.

Promotional materials/Brochure Design

At the end of each technical project, after the issuing building permission, the advertising takes place. EKABO can offer the best way for advertising of your "product". We know that many of the potential buyers of your property do not have very well-developed spatial thinking. We also have decision for them - for each of our projects we can create an album with advertising distributions of individual objects in the building. These are clearer than technical information. Through them, people clearly gain the idea of ​​the furniture, functionality, size and area of ​​their future homes or other spaces. In an advertising album, in addition to advertising distributions, you can get a 3D visualization of your building, situated in a real environment. Additional technical information about the building, the location, the materials with which the building is realized, the transport facilities, as well as all other advantages of the building, in our opinion, should also be present in this type of advertising materials. You can count on us for all this.

3D interior or exterior visualizations

Creating photorealistic visualizations is a very important aspect of the construction process from an advertising point of view. People who are potential buyers do not understand the design, but can get a clear idea of ​​your building, as well as your attitude to detail. We can create photorealistic exterior or interior visualizations of our projects. In case requested, we can create a few-minute clip with a walk around your building, or a 360-degree photo of a space by your choice.



Building photos during construction with a 4K camera drone

If you need a visual idea of ​​the location of your building or if you want to show the construction process from a bird's eye view, as well as make an effective advertisement, you can rely on our drone, which will give you very high resolution photos for your advertisement.




Old archive drawings restoration

If you have extremely old and obscure archival schemas, we can restore them by scanning and redrawing them. Once we restore them, we can present them to you in DWG or any other format you want.





Architectural capture of all kind buildings and facilities

If you need to get an architectural schema of a home, building or other facility with great accuracy, you can count on us. Architectural surveying is usually required in case of:

  • interior project creation
  • architectural project
  • reconstructions
  • restorations
  • missing technical documentation when buying or selling a property, when renting, when issuing a Certificate of Tolerance;
  • changing the purpose of the property
  • changes during the construction
  • determining the exact square footage of the building.

Architectural schema serves as a "substrate" on which can work both the designer in the part "Architectural" and the other specialists.

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