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About Us

Architectural studio EKABO was founded by arch. Pano Kozarov in 2018

with the ambition to provide its clients not only professional services, but also complete solutions - from the creation of a conceptual design to the design and engineering of residential, public and administrative buildings.

In its short history, EKABO's portfolio already includes three buildings under construction and over 66,000 square meters of agreed projects. This includes single-family and multi-family residential buildings, interior projects for apartments and offices, industrial buildings, architectural surveys and restoration of project documentation.

About Arch. Pano Kozarov

Arch. Pano Kozarov graduated from the "Lubor Baer" Construction Technical School in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria in 2007 with a degree in Architecture and Construction. In 2013 he graduated a bachelor's degree in Construction and Architecture of Buildings and Facilities at the "Lyuben Karavelov" Higher School of Civil Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria, and three years later, in 2016 - at the same university he obtained a master's degree in specialty "Architecture".

He works consecutively for two large construction companies in Bulgaria. During his studies in 2013 he participated in the architectural survey and restoration of the project documentation of the building stock of the American College in Sofia. In 2015, with a team of students, he signed a contract with "Lyuben Karavelov" Higher School of Civil Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria for architectural survey and restoration of the project documentation on the entire base of the school, consisting of over 22,000 square meters. In 2016 he participated in the restoration of the architectural details of the Naval Club in Varna, Bulgaria.

One of the biggest dreams of arch. Kozarov has always been to create his own company in order to create his authored, unique and desired buildings projects without co-authors regulations. In his work he relies on professionalism, flexibility, dialogue, precision and correctness at all levels and stages in the process of engagement.

In 2019, arch. Kozarov decided to lend a hand to his future colleagues from "Lyuben Karavelov" Higher School of Civil Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria. Hi signs a contract with the university with the official support of Prof. Borislav Borisov. Also, he organizes educational presentations for students and invites them to an internship program at EKABO, giving them the chance to catch up with the real daily based problems and challenges in the design process. He does this because he believes that there should be continuity and support for young people who want to grow up professionally in this direction.


Although a young company, EKABO already has awards. In 2017, EKABO won the Annual Architecture, Construction and Design Awards of the "Architectural Shop" on In Life TV for an innovative project with its Sky Forest Residence project.

As part of the National Awards for Construction and Investment in 2020, a team of an international jury awarded second prize for our technical project of the Clock Tower Residence Building in the Buxton district, Sofia, Bulgaria. We are also proud of our award in the category "Construction of multifunctional buildings" for our project "Multifunctional Congress Center" in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, which also took second place in the category of public buildings.

Philosophy and mission

Our philosophy is simple - Win - Win. EKABO team listen to their customers because they are also their partners. We meet their requirements and walking in their shoes with attention payed to the detail and sophistication. We guide them in their creative ideas in a lawful way. We use the technological progress and legal changes in our customers' interests. We also identify possible failures and look for solutions that provide real added value. We are dedicated to our work and offer cutting-edge solutions that guarantee our customers that they will be one step ahead of the competition.

EKABO's young professionals team know their responsibility for the future and strive to find out the best solutions that benefit not only our partners, but also the society, the environment, economic growth and "social health" of society.

The urban environment aesthetics educates and grows up human values, and the duty of the new generations of architects is to preserve both good traditions and to form a sustainable and modernistic urban architectural line.

Recent projects